NQT Interview Experience: Know about Important Things

NQT Interview Experience: In the present age, the IT sector is one of the most flourishing industries. Moreover, it is a sector that provides jobs to millions every year. Tata Consultancy Services is one such company that recruits young IT professionals in bulk. Besides, the drives are both off-campus and on-campus. Additionally, National Qualifier Test is an off-campus drive-by TCS that is recently being a popular platform for freshers.

The candidates have to go through three distinct rounds to get a job with the prestigious company of TCS. However, out of all the rounds, the final round i.e. the Interview round is a difficult and unpredictable one. This article will help aspiring candidates to get to know about the process from experienced people. Also, the most common questions will be a topic of discussion. There will be documentation of the life experience of a candidate who got through the interview rounds.

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NQT Interview Experience:

This candidate went took the test in 2019. Also, he was able to qualify in all three rounds and got a job with TCS.  The article documents his experience in all three round:

Round 1:

  • In this round, there were questions on aptitude. Besides, there were a few questions on coding.
  • The questions were like- There is a string, find out the vowels in it. Answer using Iterative and Recursive methods.

Round 2:

  • The candidates will undergo another online written exam if they qualify in the first round. Besides, the pattern of the exam will be the same as that of the first round.
  • The candidate got questions that were of medium difficulty level.
  • He got the coding question: Print all prime numbers that are smaller than or equal to “p” if a number “p” is given.

Round 3:

  1. This is the final round i.e the interview round. The interviewer asked questions from various genres.
  2. Besides, he put forward several personal questions.
  3. Some of the questions were:
  4. What brought you here?
  5. What do you know about the company?
  6. Tell me something about the current assignment you are working on.
  7. What was your favorite subject in school?
  8. In software engineering define the waterfall model.
  9. Differentiate HTTP and HTTPS.
  10. Are you ok with relocating to some other place?

Insight of the Candidate:

As per him, the interview was good. Even though he fumbled a bit still he ended up answering all the questions. The ones that were unknown to him he clearly said that he does not know the answer. The interviewer had a positive outlook towards him that elevated his confidence. The total duration of the interview was 40 minutes.  Also, after the session was over, the interviewer had a light discussion with him. He was intuitive that he will get through the job after the experience.

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