Infytq Interview Experience- Crack the Interview

Infytq Interview Experience: In India, for IT professionals, getting a job with Infosys is a stepping stone towards success. Moreover, it gives an exposure that not every company can. They give importance to the ideas of their employees. Also, each member of the team can pose their problems with ease. Hence, providing a healthy workplace environment. InfyTQ is one such program that enables future IT professionals, to work for Infosys. It facilitates the freshers to go through a hiring process off-campus. The opportunity is for all the aspirants fulfilling the eligibility criteria. But the interviewers are hard nuts to crack. This article will help you to gather knowledge of the interview process. It registers the experience of  2 aspirants who went through the interview. Also, you will get an idea of the types of questions put forward to the candidates.

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InfyTQ Interview Experiences:

InfyTQ Interview Experience 1: 

The candidate who got through this interview did not crack it. However, the experience made him understand better.

Round 1:

In the first round, the company conducts an online test through its own platform. The experience is of the latest exam. There were MCQs and coding questions. However, the coding questions were only from the Python program. On the other hand, the problems with coding were on Strings.

Round 2:

This is the most crucial round i.e. the HR interview round. Most of the candidates fail to pass through this round.

As per the experience of the candidate, HR mainly focused on the skills of communication. The candidate gave the details of his interview. Besides, he gave an insight into the questions that the HR put in front of him:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. How did your day go?
  3. You have got 78%, was this your first time?
  4. What are your plans if you do not get hired?
  5. How should we hire you?
  6. Give an insight into the project you are currently working on.

InfyTQ Interview Experience 2:

This is an experience of a candidate who appeared for InfyTQ last year. This candidate got 70% in the written exams.

Round 1 and 2:

Last year too, there were MCQs and coding problems on python. Besides, the coding questions were on strings and array.

Round 3:

In the HR round this candidate qualified. He was asked the following questions:

  1. Why Infosys?
  2. Tell something about yourself.
  3. In 5 years, where do you see yourself?
  4. What will be your role in a team?
  5. What are your weaknesses?


The HR round is crucial for the selection of a candidate. As can be seen from the case studies. The first candidate performed better in the written exam but could not get the job. On the other hand, the second candidate got the job as he answered well in the HR interview. Besides, by analyzing the questions from HR round for both the candidates it is seen that the questions are personal and judges the candidates communication and innovation skill. Also, the questions assess the leadership qualities of the candidates. Hence, the aspirantts need to work on their vocabulary and communication skills. Moreover, self-confidence is the key to crack this round and get a job with Infosys as a beginner.

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