Python MCQs on File Handling: SET 1

Python MCQs on File Handling

In this section, we are going to introduce you to the most frequently asked Python MCQs on File Handling. These Python MCQs on File Handling will be going to help you in Interviews and Exams.


Q1. Which statement will read 5 characters from a file(file object ‘f’)?



c. f.reads(5)

d. None of the above

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Answer: c. f.reads(5)

Q2. Which function open file in python?
a. open( )

b. new( )

c. Open( )

d. None of the above

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Answer: a. open( )

Q3. Processing of Text file is faster than binary files.(T/F)
a. True

b. False

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Answer: b. False

Q4. Which mode create new file if the file does not exist?
a. write mode

b. append mode

c. Both of the above

d. None of the above

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Answer: C. Both of the above

Q5. Which statement will return one line from a file (file object is ‘f’)?
a. f.readline( )

b. f.readlines( )

c. )

d. f.line( )

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Answer: a. f.readline( )

Q6. readlines() method return _________
a. String

b. List

c. Dictionary

d. Tuple

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Answer: b. List

Q7. EOF stands for _________________
a. End of File

b. End off File

c. End on File

d. End or File

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Answer: a. End of File

Q8. Which function is used to read data from Text File?
a. read( )

b. writelines( )

c. pickle( )

d. dump( )

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Answer: a. read( )

Q9. Which of the following will read entire content of file(file object ‘f’)?
a. f.reads( )

b. )


d. * )

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Answer: b. )

Q10. Which symbol is used for append mode?
a. ap

b. a

c. w

d. app

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Answer: b. a

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