HackwithInfy 2022 – all you need to know about the hackathon!

If you have questions like stipend or salary, enrollment, admission, acceptance, interview, management, and human resource regarding Infosys HackwithInfy. You’ve come to the right place.

 HackWithInfy 2022 is all about Infosys HackWithInfy is a challenge for all Engineering Students across India who are graduating in the year 2022. Competitors and participants from 2022 clump who are keen on programming languages have occasion to contend. This is an opportunity for students to work with one of India’s best IT companies.

The championship of coding has three rounds this year. The participants are picked for additional rounds dependent on their capacity and execution in the past round. The first round consists of coding problems based on data structures, python, analytical thinking.

The points will be given on the basis of:-   

  1. a number of test cases passed:- test cases are mainly different types of input for your program to test your logic and produce the output if the test case is passed(“True”) then the output of your program is exactly matched the expected output.
  2. dynamic programming:- Dynamic programming is an algorithm solving by breaking down the optimized problems into a subproblem and utilizing the fact that is the optimized solution of the overall problem
  3. code optimization
  4. algorithmic approach

The second round of HackWithInfy 2022 is comparatively tougher and lengthier than the first one because of upgradation.  The queries for this one are totally based on the data structure.  

The third round of HackWithInfy 2022 This round will be a live hackathon at Pune DC. Only 100 qualifiers will be able to attend the 3 round because of tough criteria selection.

Even if you fail to clear 2nd round one can get an interview call for these two places in the company:-

  1. System engineer specialist
  2. Power programmer

So, preparation for the second round is a must if you want to continue the race.

What is a Power Programmer?

Power Programmer is a highly qualified and skilled programmer to identifying from top talents, enabling and deploying the client projects. at last, our client is fully satisfied and only focuses only on the discovery.

pay grade is around 6 to 8 lakhs.

What is a System Engineer Specialist?

System engineer specialist is basically an updated version of the System and also implementing SDLC activities such as development, testing, implementation, warranty, and support activities.

pay grade is around 3 to 5 lakhs.


  • The first step for enrollment in the championship is one must have an Infytq app or log in at the Infytq website.
  • Make an account on the website and fill in all the personal details correctly and in the provided format. Because they are uneditable.
  • After filling in all details you’ll see a HackwithInfy poster on their homepage.
  • Click on
  • the picture and it’ll take you to the registration of HachwithInfy.
  • Give a brief read to all written terms and conditions because it’ll have all the important details including the dates of the event.
  • The dates are out for the HackwithInfy exam i.e 31 August of 2021.


The greeting connection and invitation link will be sent to the officially registered mail id. So, one must keep a look at the mail.


There will be no HR interview for the position of – system engineer and system specialist engineer. But for technical ones here are some questions and assignments one could get during an interview:-

  • a prime number program with an algorithmic methodology.
  • a question for the expansion of two networks.
  • a program to invert any number.
  • a program to check if the given number is a palindrome number.

At that point they may pose inquiries like :

  • They may ask about your interests, hobbies.
  • Scholastic achievements also about Co-Curricular activities.
  • Why are your a perfect fit for the position?

So, prepare yourself well for the HR round because this may be a turning point in your career.


(1) System engineer package: 3.6 LPA

(2) System engineer specialist: 5 LPA

(3) Power programmer: 8 LPA


Q. How to react to INTERVIEW questions?

A. Instructions to Respond to Interview Questions. You don’t have to retain your answers, however, you should consider what you will say so you’re not called out. Your reactions will be more grounded in the event that you get ready ahead of time, realize what’s in store during the meeting, and know what you need to zero in on.

some interview experience

Q. Does Infosys offer movement help?

A. Stars- migration bundle in the event that you pick organization level choice yet in addition this is subject to how fortunate you are with your flatmate







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